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Contactless full 3D

         finger image capture

It’s a match!

Big acquisition volume

for one or four fingers

Full 3d image capture

for fast identification and verification

Highest Detail-Level

for microscopic 3D data and strong fake-detection


With a deep understanding of the evolving security landscape, we are committed to revolutionizing the way we authenticate and verify identities.

For the first time we combine the convenience of contactless biometrics with highest security. Our technological advancements enable fast and full 3D capturing of biometric features of human skin.

our product

IDloop CFS® – the novel touchless fingerprint reader

IDloop’s CFS® has a large scanning volume and acquires up to four fingers or both thumbs – completely contactless. Maximum accuracy is achieved by just holding the hand over the sensor, while auto-capture takes care of the rest.

Enrolment, verification, and identification simply works by presenting the user’s hand or even thumbs above the sensor. For highest throughput we use intuitive state-of-the-art user-guidance directly on the device.

It captures fingerprints in full 3D images, that can automatically be converted into traditional 2D images. Therefor the scanner is compatible with contact-based fingerprint systems (AFIS-Systems), that can be used to successfully match against traditional contact-based fingerprint databases.

The reader’s high-speed auto-capture recognises all users in a convenient manner, unaffected by ambient-light or different skin types. Additionally, no hand movement is required during the capturing process. This allows for compact and neat device integration.

With a compact design the scanner can be deployed at any location, be it as a standalone device e.g. for access control or integrated into an automated border control solution, such as e-gates or kiosks.

For more flexibility the scanner can also be used as a portable solution.


Specification IDloop CFS®


If you are interested in further information, a demo device or interested in integrating it into existing solutions please reach out:

how it works

Contactless full 3D finger image capture

Big acquisition volume

for one or four fingers

Full 3D multi-finger image capture

for fast identification and verification

Highest detail-level

for microscopic 3D data and strong fake-detection

your Benefits

The IDloop CFS® contactless fingerprint scanner offers several benefits compared to traditional touch-based scanners.

Hygiene and Safety:

Our contactless fingerprint scanner eliminates the need for physical contact with the scanning surface, while reducing the risk of spreading germs and bacteria. This feature is particularly important in high-traffic areas such as airports, hospitals, and public facilities.


With our contactless scanner, users can authenticate their fingerprints quickly and effortlessly without the need to press their fingers on a surface. This can save time and provide a more seamless user experience, especially in scenarios where fast and frequent authentication is required.

Increased Accuracy:

Our contactless fingerprint scanner employs advanced imaging technology in 3D. This technology can capture high-resolution fingerprint images, resulting in improved accuracy and reducing the likelihood of false rejections or false acceptances.


Our contactless fingerprint scanner can work effectively with different types of fingers, including dry, wet, or damaged skin. It can also function in various environmental conditions, such as extreme temperatures, high ambient-light or humidity, ensuring consistent performance in diverse settings – even outside.

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The structure of a human fingerprint is unique. Its usage for identification is established. For decades, contact-based procedures have been used to capture fingerprints digitally. Our goal is to set new standards in an emerging market, that is contactless finger imaging.

The Founders

Our team of dedicated experts is at the forefront of research and development, continuously pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the biometrics industry. By leveraging the latest advancements in imaging technology and algorithms, we have achieved remarkable accuracy in capturing and analyzing fingerprint patterns. This precision translates into reliable authentication and significantly reduces false acceptance rates, enhancing the overall security of our solutions.

Join us on our journey to a future where secure and hygienic biometric authentication is the norm. Explore our contactless fingerprint scanning solution and experience the transformative power of biometrics in action.

Jörg Reinhold

Jörg Reinhold

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Philipp Riehl

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Dr. Tom Michalsky

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Daniel Gläsner

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